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Stressed & Depressed

Always some new expectation,

deadline, complication,

guilt-trip obligation,


(to put you under condemnation).

This is what you live for?









Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

Shut your eyes,

block your ears,

hold your nose…

Things we wish we did not know!

Nausea, repulsion, abhorrence,

detestable human condition,

hateful people, pain.

In our lives we have a gutful,

no wonder, ultimately,

we acquiesce

to death.









Your potential is great…

But everything conspires to suffocate:

time, people, place,

all manipulate and violate.

(fuck them and the devil!)








Family Watches TV (Classic, Canada, Boxing)

Something to say?

Of course!

But who’s listening, reading, caring or,

most importantly,


about the words.

Your heart and soul poured out

as you to try to explain,

only to be drowned out

by TV noise.




St Nikolai ROC, Eklutna, Alaska

Life after death?

One can hope!

Considering life after birth sucks so much

(people and society),

relief would be nice,

in a kinder, gentler reality.

Indeed, nice.

Am I repeating myself?

Yes, one can hope.








Luna_ White USA Flag (Sun Faded)

Nothing’s really changed,

but it sure feels like it,

now that I have seen,

perceived, experienced,

loss and death.

Sunshine fades,

pale memories.









“Baby doll,” he said to me,


“everything’s fucked up and then you die.”

He swallowed, then sighed:

“And don’t go thinking you can rely on me.”









For what do we fight,

and/or sacrifice our lives?

Ethereal dictate.








Haunted by the feeling that something catastrophic,


is about to happen (like yesterday),

I seek stability,

the perpetually missing element,










People, perpetual,

always wanting to move on:

craving new banal.