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Broken 3

Hopefully, by the time you read this

it is no longer contemporaneous;

the feeling, I pray, has passed,

and despairing misery

has become differently.


(To be continued…)








Looking Over Cliff


Gradually the abyss is normalized.


(To be continued…)








1 (Pain)

In a happy place,

until, waking, reminded:

reality bites.


(To be continued…)








Broken Eggs 3

Always somebody is ready to point the finger,

attributing blame,

implying guilt,

demanding penance.

After so long, one can be driven to despair,

or, to apparent detachment.

Regardless of reason,

mud sticks and accusations sting.

Alas, again, I stand accused.

… What is done, cannot be undone.

Like broken eggs,



(To be continued…)








Lucretia, Suicide 5a

Immensity hits,

(existential fucking shit!)

eviscerates soul.


(To be continued…)








Volcanic Mud

This life, like a diabolical futility treadmill,

going nowhere but round and round,

always more shit to keep us “grounded”,

“knowing our place”,

stuck in quicksand.


(To be continued…)








Black Hole

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,

in an sense, may be true,

but does it make us live any longer?

In yoga, it is said,

the body only has so many breaths to breathe.

Stress imposed,

complications, problems,

constant bombardment of shit,

in the long-run,

does not help anyone.


(To be continued…)








Flat World

It turns out, in fact,

that my world is flat.

This I discover, alas,

when I am at the edge.


(To be continued…)








Voda, temnota, puzyr'ki vozdukha

Alas, in my pursuit of existential meaning,

knowledge, enlightenment, feeling,

I get lost in details,


banalities …

More and more,

I am suffocating,



(To be continued…)








Grave Stones

Suicide is not legitimate,

says the man in the ivory tower.

From a comfortable position,

he is free to think and philosophize.

He who doesn’t know true agony, pain,

hopelessness, futility,

screaming-in-my-head existential absurdity,

he is always quick to cast the first stone.


(To be continued…)