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Nuremberg Chronicle_ Danse Macabre 2

Stay home, buy a box-set,

watch other people dance.

Go online, buy a bigger TV,

so long as there are deliveries.

Let’s pretend things are normal

and keep the economy ticking!

Death and despair only matter, apparently,

when dollars and cents.


(To be continued…)








1349 a

All the progress in the world,

laid low by a “primitive” life-form,


Hubris and gimmicks, smart-phones and 5G,

futility, filth, shit and piss.


Death, despair and chaos reign,

as in 1349.


(To be continued…)








Plyaska Smerti 1

Gimmicks and flashing lights,

distractions from life,

the essential.

Advertising and capitalism:

strange dreams implanted,

exploitation, manipulation,


constant delusions, lies,

sucking you dry,

making you demented

and infected.



(To be continued…)








Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)

They fill your head with panic, misinformation,


they’ve got you where they want you:


Afraid and desperate, many will do,

exactly what *they* want them to … …

(Is this the end of the world as we know it?)

… Meanwhile another storm batters,

howling winds, pouring rain:

tomorrow floods and more destruction,

ushering in,

they’re welcoming,

martial law.


(To be continued…)








Zeppelin_ Pochta SSSR, 1991, Albatros

Apocalypse nigh,

they sneer at the man-child,

just as yesterday, and the day before.

They, who represent normal; they, who always seem to have time to stand around and talk, repetitive, banal babble.

I feel for him, the guy, I can tell his mind is on higher things, he’s doing what he can to survive in this fucked-up world. I feel a connection, even though I don’t know him. I want to reach out, but he’s inured, he stays within himself, focused, he doesn’t meet my gaze. We pass like zeppelins, out of time and place.

Gone, like tomorrow’s gherkins.

Meanwhile, again, the establishment chatters, bemused, selfish, scornful, only their clique matters.


(To be continued…)








LCI (Fr) Newsreader

It feels like a conspiracy,

logically speaking,

when inconsistencies

become the rule.

Please, dear reader, do not question your sanity. Question your neighbors, the system, and the powers that be.


(To be continued…)








Ofeliya_ Constantin Meunier

When time loses meaning,

as fickle machines drive us to despair,

and people are demanding,

variously, incessantly, selfishly:

we are left depleted.

Enlightenment seeps away.

Illness reigns.

Devoid, we are mired,

hopeless remain.

This world is a very sad place.


(To be continued…)









It is said: God’s timing is perfect.

Alas, this world and its people are not …

They aspire to contrive, exploit, deprive

each other,

every waking (and sleeping) moment.


(To be continued…)








MAGA Devushka

Time and experience …

the longer I live in this world,

the more I realize:

Nowhere is a beacon.

Hope and aspiration lie defeated

at the feet of collective decadence and greed.

Further down the rabbit hole,

humanity falls.


(To be continued…)








Perfidy_ Flowers & Knife

One day it’s the system,

the next it’s the elements,

then your inner demons,

your family and friends.

Welcome to adulthood:

Non-stop diabolical onslaught!

You’re “responsible” now!

Always someone or something,

at the worst possible time,

betraying life and existence.

… What chance success?


(To be continued…)