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Death Valley 6

Welcome to Planet Earth,

death lives here.

An empty hole,

where once was soul.

Brittle shell,

gateway to hell.

Welcome to Planet Earth,

so much dearth.









Iphigenia, Sacrifice of_ François Perrier


TV Preacher talks of her childhood,

molested and raped by her father.


She made it through, thank God,

and, though bitter for years,

got to the point where she could forgive,

move on, and talk about it.

And talk, and talk,

preaching the power of forgiveness.

Ultimately then I realize,

whether deliberate or not,

she *has* revenge.

The people, the faithful, the casual,

watchers and listeners around the world

all rightly sympathize.

And millions now know her father was scum

(like the cop he offered her to).

Evil seed in everyone?




There are clues,

breadcrumbs, let’s say,

hints of decay,

nonetheless, simply put, it worked,

until it didn’t,

to be precise, it worked until

people no longer believed.

… They wanted something different! …

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

(Such a true cliché!)

… Homage for Yugoslavia.




Yesterday’s miracle,

today’s distant memory.

The beautiful and divine

supplanted by



I was grateful,


I was,

essentially human, however,

I always want more.

A glimmer is never enough,

fallen world,

hopelessness surges,





adam-i-eva-v-raju_ mificheskie-zhivotnye-kartina-brejgel-jan-mladshij


You try to do the “right thing”

and each day you die a little more.

Fallen world.