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1096 Metz Pogrom

Sure, they appear bloodthirsty scum,

but investigate their motives

and what became …

And feel sympathy.



(To be continued…)








1980s NYC Subway 2

Well-meaning people glibly espousing:

“Now is not the time for fear! We must live, freely!”

They may be right, or, conversely

mistaken, as, *all* times

are appropriate for fear;

then and now, tomorrow too,

properly used,

it’s what gets us through each day.


(To be continued…)








Mururoa Atoll 2

Beauty will save the world,

it is said.

Perhaps, and it may well have been meant to be so.

But, alas …

What if the beauty has been buried so deep under evil and badness, human self-centeredness,

that it has no chance?

In a strange parody of the carbon release scenario plaguing the planet, imagine that the beauty simply cannot be found and/or released.

What hope then?

We die in an ugly world.


(To be continued…)








Fetal Position 1

Apocalypse came.

While some felt compelled to believe in and prepare for a better tomorrow,

I, consumed by pain, could only stagger, fall.


(To be continued…)








Bouncing Bette & Her Teddy

We do what we can

to get through the days and nights:

personify, objectify,

detach from horror of fight.


(To be continued…)








Polski Rabochiye_ Kolbasy, Chicago, 1905

The bosses, or their minions, are lurking,

always lurking,

watching, waiting

for your mistake.

They have ascended the ladder sufficiently,

to be immune to decency, morality,

and they will not bear any excuse,

as they turn the screws,

demanding more and more


draining your blood,

turning dreams to screams,

watching, waiting,

and, ultimately,

using every part of your fallen carcass

for sausages.


(To be continued…)








LCI (Fr) Newsreader

It feels like a conspiracy,

logically speaking,

when inconsistencies

become the rule.

Please, dear reader, do not question your sanity. Question your neighbors, the system, and the powers that be.


(To be continued…)








Ofeliya_ Constantin Meunier

When time loses meaning,

as fickle machines drive us to despair,

and people are demanding,

variously, incessantly, selfishly:

we are left depleted.

Enlightenment seeps away.

Illness reigns.

Devoid, we are mired,

hopeless remain.

This world is a very sad place.


(To be continued…)









It is said: God’s timing is perfect.

Alas, this world and its people are not …

They aspire to contrive, exploit, deprive

each other,

every waking (and sleeping) moment.


(To be continued…)








MAGA Devushka

Time and experience …

the longer I live in this world,

the more I realize:

Nowhere is a beacon.

Hope and aspiration lie defeated

at the feet of collective decadence and greed.

Further down the rabbit hole,

humanity falls.


(To be continued…)