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The government wants to execute you!

But their heart isn’t in it,


otherwise it would already be done.

The pretence of justice,

trial and jury,

would be dispensed,

abiding by convictions,

the system would do as expected,

and you would be shot.

But instead you are hung

and left hanging,

in limbo,

in hell.

Often, you wish they would shoot you,

like a dog,

just get it over with,

but society cares more about dogs

than people.

Uncertain fate,

neverending circle of hate.

Inside, torment

is never dormant.

Yes, they have decided to torture you

in the way that only life and living

can do.

The government wants you

to execute yourself.





They charged,


and sentenced me:

a murderer.

One of the worst

of all criminals.

But, I retorted,

I killed for a *good* reason.

Unlike the millions of anonymous souls slaughtered

in infinite imperialist wars through the centuries.

Murder, sanctioned by the state,

powers that be,


*they* give you a medal for,

acts of heroism,

grotesque debauchery.




And so, I withdraw.

However much it hurts me,

it hurts you way more.




Yet another example of “The News” being



and less than history.




Fighting the system,

or cheating myself?

Futility bites.




In my descent into madness

(as many would see it),

I’m becoming more and more detached,

from what society tells me I should be.


I’m finding sanity,

a certain clarity.

Cleansing and wholeness…

Gladness envelopes my soul.

(*Fuck you and your ladder!*)




Do not underestimate the power of revulsion,

Dear advertisers.

I am a better person, immediately, for seeing your shit,

I get up, turn the television off and walk away.




“Vote for me!” and

“Investing in our children’s future!” the politician proclaims,



An excuse, in actuality for perpetual current pain.

And tomorrow: “Suck it up! … I have a mandate. You ‘chose’ it. And, after all, it’s for the kids’ kids…”




Democracy’s in a rush…

Government wants a mandate

to dictate…

Promises, distractions and lies.

Liberty, Freedom, call her what you will,

innate wisdom, beautiful woman,

she realizes the pretence.

Liberty walks into the voting place unclothed,

completely naked,

she tears up the voting paper given to her,

and walks out.

Dignified and indignant.

Society gawks, stunned.

Democracy’s in a rush

but as Tertullian said:

Truth does not blush.





A kind of prism.

Whatever imprisonment actually means,

besides bad luck…

Inside or outside,

to me,

there’s nothing better than solitary confinement,


contrary to general perception,

it enriches the soul,

and offers a special kind of refinement,

if you’re receptive

and the right type.


it breaks most,

and that’s what *they* want.


I must avoid Gen Pop at all costs!