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Get it while you can!

Avoid extortion plan.

Logic be screwed!

Exhaust resources,

before they exhaust you.

Those who can,


Those who can’t,


Endless cycle of life,

stuck in misery.




There was a window,

but it has shut.

Perhaps tomorrow,

perhaps tonight,

your time will be wasted.




I march to the beat of a different drum,

when allowed.

My own

internal vibe,


at times aloud.

Beat, beat,

like a heartbeat…

Fundamental to existence.



They call me names,

they lock me away.

I threaten the system.

Enforce decay.




What Beauty?

At the end of the day,

it’s like,

well, that’s that,

and was there any point?

Frustrated, violated,

implicated, complicated…

Screwed over by people

and inanimate objects,

screwed over by societal

and weather systems,

screwed over by life, death,

revolution and resolution,

screwed over by everything,

so it seems,

night and day,

no end.

Catch your breath, if you can,

before it is gone forever.




Wishing others unborn.


the giant seeks solace in sleep.



Charismatic jerk!

Pretends the system can work.

(Delusion prospers?)


It wasn’t my intention to burn any bridges,

so as to say,

but I was determined to make my freedom count.


on hold

(an artificial, imposed, grievous kind of stasis,

one which leads to aggravation, despair, degradation, disintegration),

I decided to take action.

I hung up the phone.

What’s more, I pulled the cable from the wall.



And free,

free enough

to actually hear and focus on the thoughts inside my head,

complete sentences,

and sense,

yes, real, true sense,

innate wisdom,

the still small voice within,

a beautiful thing!


Idiots mislead,

breach the peace

of a short-lived idyll.

The phone or some other alarm rings.

We wake up after 6 hours of sleep.

Good morning, wakeful day,

all lies and bullshit,

beginning to end,

money the bottom line,

avarice and greed for some,

survival for most,

we satisfy the needs that be.

To perpetuate the constructs of power,

they tell us we get meaning from our jobs…



(but for the basest vestiges,

occasional brainwaves,

self-satisfying stimulation)

most of our lives

are meaningless.


The establishment is appropriately respectful

when a soldier, old or young, dies.


In actuality,

behind closed doors,

they praise the passing

of another man, woman or child

who has seen

and/or knows

too much…


I was determined to make my freedom count.

So, I stopped counting seconds and minutes, for a while.

I took my watch off

(My beloved Swatch with the Stakhanov name and design!),

I stopped looking at the hands and appreciated the art.




Ironic really, given my new circumstances.


Okay, first thing’s first,

the basest thing,


I was alone and without a job and/or income.

What, me worry?


I didn’t have a job and/or income in my early childhood

and I was somewhat happier then than I have been of late,

I rationalized to myself, effecting a simper.

Yes, the future was ahead of me back then,

I was 100% potential,


predetermined to an extent,


so why not be excited by going back to the future thus?


Changing global labor realities,

we are expected to be adaptable,

blah, blah, blah,

news reports and experts know

the robots are coming.

I took a sip of beer.