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Żyd wieczny tułacz

Past irrelevant:

we gave hearts, minds, love, blood, tears.

Mother of all lies.

(To be continued…)








Isr_ Egged (Jerusalem)

I told him that things for me

were something like the Karamazov family.


Yes, well, different time, setting and situation,

but otherwise, very similar angst,

alas, unhappy intrigue.

He raised his eyebrows

as the bus arrived.

We let the soldiers get on before us.

(To be continued…)









Shocked and appalled at the state of our yard,

old Nelly would be spinning in her grave,

if she hadn’t been cremated.








Forest Fire

The death of a loved one,

so traumatic, I’ll never forget,

and always regret,

the torrent

of destruction that followed.

Unholy purgatory,

minions of hell,

perverted concepts of revenge.

All so unnecessary,

curse and theft,

it breaks my heart


Life amongst the living dead,

alas, selfish,

perfidious clan.










If ever she says:

“I’m proud of you.”

It will be tinged

with the sadness of knowing,

for me,

it is not true.








Relotius_ Jaegers Grenzer

Regardless of what your American relatives tell you,

everything, indeed, is relative:

truth, justice and the American way,

is truth, lies and compromise.

The answer to the question depends upon time, place

and who is doing the asking.

Objectivity is admirable but, alas, illusive,

and screw liberal “New York Times” hubris.

Everything is

what the powers that be

want it to be.








Mauer fällt

Gradually, I put the pieces together,

ultimately, then

the edifice crumbles,

and the wall





Corvette, US Flag 2

Living vicariously (as most of us do),

they wave flags for cars, clubs and cliques

which they could never actually own, join,

or truly be embraced by,


for the moment,

they feel connected,

like, family.

Living vicariously.




Perfidy, Betrayal. Knife & Flowers Behind Back


Memories that stick,

like fish bones in throat.

Nothing chokes like family.




Mars Night Sky


Like an insect,

or rodent,

I’m happy to see you are gone.

So, I can forget, move on.