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Лидия Вележева, kino

We’re all idiots,

it’s a defining feature of humanity.

We’re all idiots,

more some days than others;

collectively and individually,

some are more consistently

supreme in idiocy.

Alas …

In summary:

to a greater or lesser extent,

we’re all idiots!


(To be continued…)








1945. Manhattan Project_ Thin Man & Fat Man Casings

Thin Man.

Fat Man.

Dead man.








Hiroshima Shadow 2

He greeted them pleasantly,

rudely, they ignored.

Presently, he wished them woe betide.

Tomorrow, but a smear on pavement.



Your neighbors

are a shit-stain on history.




Beagle Dreaming

From the outside:

A sleeping dog twitching.

On the inside:

Dreams of nuclear fusion.




Corvette, US Flag 2

Living vicariously (as most of us do),

they wave flags for cars, clubs and cliques

which they could never actually own, join,

or truly be embraced by,


for the moment,

they feel connected,

like, family.

Living vicariously.




The Nuclear Scientists

are Nihilists.

… Compromised,

corralled by governments and strategists,

they wanna blow off some steam.

… Everyone has their limits.