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Broken Eggs 3

Always somebody is ready to point the finger,

attributing blame,

implying guilt,

demanding penance.

After so long, one can be driven to despair,

or, to apparent detachment.

Regardless of reason,

mud sticks and accusations sting.

Alas, again, I stand accused.

… What is done, cannot be undone.

Like broken eggs,



(To be continued…)








Мать, Mother & Child, Harry Roseland

Childhood lingers on …

Memories, obligations …

Guilt trip never ends.


(To be continued…)









Rus (Berezka-land)

In this time and place,

in the mist of morning tiredness,

as you dread the day ahead,

if you want to be honest,


as you drink your orange juice

and/or Earl Grey tea,

you don’t give a shit about some rainforest frog.

Life is…

dog eat dog.

(and fuck the façade

human misery trumps all!)