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Sea Idyll_ Sorolla, 1908

We ate and we smiled.

Later, deep conversation.

And then I woke up.

(To be continued…)










Seeking some meaning,

I read until my arm hurts…

drifting into peace.

(To be continued…)








Black Hole

Downward spiraling,

I crave substantial something…

Emptiness constant.









Ages forgotten,

future melts into present,









8.10 Digitized Sky Survey

Yes, eager to do,

but cogs are sticking like glue.

Best intentions screwed.








Black Square, Grunge Frame

Blank page, joyful thing.

Endless possibilities…

Limited by state.








Oblomovism_ Rosario Leotta

Getting out of bed?

Wonderful ideas gone bad.

Oh, go soak your head!








Soviet Girl Writes

I’m stuck! (What the fuck?)

Lost in myriad of pain.

Thus, I write Haiku.








Pivo, Escape, Sleep

Pain overcomes brain.

Need relief, need to escape,

or obliterate.








Vino v Vannaya

Succumb, the heart says,

to spontaneous desire;

delay future pain.