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Rus, Aloe

Wet towel falls away,

exposes soft white body,

life manifest, craved.









Stalingrad, Wasted (Nazis)

The Nazi groaned, pained:

Eukodal and Pervitin,

made life worth living.









For what do we fight,

and/or sacrifice our lives?

Ethereal dictate.









Good intentions slide.

Faulty premonitions glide…

Forefront of mind’s eye.








winston churchill, perpetual cigar

Fat capitalist,

sucking his trademark cigar…

Sculpted piece of shit.





People, perpetual,

always wanting to move on:

craving new banal.




Men are excited,

chance to be children again…

War: feed king’s ego.




Giovanni Rapiti


Hurting people hurt…

Wishing you were drowned at birth!

Swan song homily.




Wake up, all hope gone.

Everyday apocalypse.

Live only to die.




Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)


We’re clutching at straws.

Every day the freaking same!

Hope springs eternal.