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Alone in the crowd,

tired of life, not belonging,

they eat me for lunch.





The days slide away.

Grandfather dies, as clock breaks.

Mentality screwed.




I don’t wanna be

a cum stain on history.

Pray, let me be *me*.




Watch out. Here am I!

Bible-toting Communist.

… Believe the Gospel.




Karl Marx but a cunt!

Original Communist…

Holy Trinity.




Harsh words once spoken,

regardless of intention,

absorb into brain.




Something about love,

Valentine’s Day, so they say.

… Platitudes hollow.


Please, I want beauty,

in my visual range, perchance,

rise above horrors.


Charismatic jerk!

Pretends the system can work.

(Delusion prospers?)


Life, I turn one way.

And then I turn another.

Sigh, I prefer sleep.