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B-29 Enola Gay

Coffee and ham sandwiches,

on our way to a city,

about change history,

in ways unknown,

our flight drones.


(To be continued…)








Joseph Goebbels i Hund

A glimpse of clarity, an inkling of peaceful surety,

turns quickly to a cacophony of confusion,

mind-screwing mass-delusion.

… And I sink, with the Titanic.

… Too easily, alas, we get distracted,

by maniacs and their dogs.

(To be continued…)









We were waiting (for Godot?),

so he asked me about myself,

specifically, my history.

“My history?

Well, it’s complicated and it’s dirty,


but isn’t everybody’s?”

(To be continued…)









The Big Apple is rotten,

as is the rest of the fruit salad.

Regardless, the tired and hungry masses clamor

to be accepted into its embrace,

its new and interesting ways of exploitation.

“Why?” I ask my dead relative.

Her reply: “The myth of apple pie.”








Remembrance Day, they say, piously,

thankful, pretentiously,

that all is quiet on the Western Front.

The soldier reflects and sighs,

remembering history,

and what followed victory

in the “War To End All Wars”…

Some things are better forgotten.




O’ the unrecorded disappointments of history!

The hidden resentments,



personal tragedies.

Big, small, in between.

… O’ what could have been,

wondrous and mighty,

had things gone our way!




10 Kopek Coins (1930s & 40s)


If it’s meaningful to you,

it *is* invaluable,

carry it forward

heart and soul,


The opinion of others

is worthless…

(worth less, indeed,

10 Kopeks!)




Gorbachev and Yeltsin,

enemies of each other,

and everyone else.

Delusions and despair,

lies, carnage,

murder, grand larceny,

immoral disintegration…

But it’s OK, we have freedom!

And we can vote.

Like wolves,

teeth tear out our throats.




10 Kopek, 1989


You carry around the currency

of a lost country,

of an entity

which doesn’t exist anymore.

Because it is you.




I read the article,

listen to the news,

and remember history.


It’s true!

We humans are

the worst people

the world has ever seen.