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3.08 Schwedentrunk


The Thirty Years War,

another chapter in civilized Europe.

Religion and ideas,

bursting with inspiration, excitement.

If you ask nicely,

gentle Swedes will pour you a drink,

speak, explain…





The driver looked at me,

wordlessly asking where I wanted to go.

I gave it some thought and replied:

“1967, s’il vous plaît.”




“My history is way more interesting than your present

or your future could hope to be,”

the old woman smiled,





Reading about (some) Romanovs

(sometimes) makes me sad.




You come upon the scene,

Soviet Lithuania,

some kind of Summer camp,

idyllic amongst the trees.

You walk forward and meet a girl,

she smiles at you,

in Russian you ask what it is,

this gathering,

“Ateitis!” she replies.

Atheism, you assume and raise your eyebrows,

remembering the complicated history of religion here,

lingering paganism, some say, and what of the Jews?

Liquidation and simplification, both good means and ends,

the Party is supreme,

you smile thinly,

then blink

(so briefly!)


reopening your eyes

the girl and the scene have disappeared,

a strange awakening,

right or wrong,

the mirage is gone.

And somewhere in the background

Church bells ring.




Revisionist history:

different emphasize,

sometimes lies.

Like, the smug guy,

who talks of Lenin’s Siberian slave girl,

kept in a cage

beneath the stairs.



of despair!

Alas, Pasha,

I knew you.

Public misled


blatant lies.

But it’s on TV and he’s ‘an expert’,

so it becomes true.

Perverted mystery,

bias and blasphemy,

revisionist history.




Fuck posterity,

it didn’t exist yesterday.

History is tomorrow.




New York is enraptured

as Jimmy Connors is more of an asshole than ever,


the USSR is crumbling apart.


Cavernous pit,

all utter shit…



trainwreck in motion,

where will it end?




History and terror.

Who knows what was true?

Can you trust perspective?

If you were there, passion and fear,



and guts.

For the others:

words, time,


Detachment changes meaning

and books






History is written by the victors,

so they say.


it’s often written by the aggrieved,

those who are sufficiently motivated to

make the point,

to explain their pain.


raison d’être,

as one is yesterday

and today.