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SS Cap Arcona, 1945.05.03

They say you can’t escape a bullet with your name on it,

so as to speak: fate, destiny.

I agree, in the sense that there are forces beyond us,

powers and abilities,

machines, militaries.

And, when in bloodlust they pursue you, defying logic and decency,

there’s not much one can do.


(To be continued…)








Grave Stones

Busy time for memories,

series of days, to commemorate,

life which was, gone too soon,

alas, for someone, as always.


(To be continued…)








VIL Helps

For their own devious reasons,

they depict him as a demon.

Besmirched and trampled into dirt,

past heroics and love are buried,

beneath today’s evil hubris.


(To be continued…)








Siren, 1900

The funeral was depressing and disappointing

precisely because it was about the wishes and desires

of the living.


(To be continued…)








Ivan Shadr, v1

Women, men,

deep and shallow,

we all want to be liked,


ultimately desired.









I’m still in the hotel room, watching TV.

They tell me it’s the 75th Anniversary of *The Event*:

we must celebrate, commemorate our heroes,

focus (pocus), indeed

the few that are still alive.

They died for our liberty,


albeit contradictory.

Living or dead, I *do* respect the sacrifice

of soldiers and sailors,

defying logic, following orders,

call of duty, the greater good,

hell on earth,

collective imperative

(yes, even yours).

But 75 is nothing

if 76 is not honored ten times more.

Sadly, alas, I know this will not be so.

Just as I know real heroes were treated like shit

at war’s end.