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Savitsky_ Monk, 1897

Even in the best of times,

he knew *that* wasn’t him,

and these *are not* the best of times,

that is certain.

He broods, he frowns,

wryly then he smiles,

an honest, if flawed, man.


(To be continued…)








Musidora (Etty)

It’s like, when you realize that your hero isn’t all you imagined,

but amplified:

when you understand that nobody is quite

what they could or, even should, be.


(To be continued…)








Marita Koch, Marlies Göhr

We humans are inconsistent,

none of us truly machines.

(Yet, s/he expects … … of me!)

Athletes typically only run their records once.

But surely when they take to the track,

they’re doing the best they can,

in that given time and place.

Likewise, us.

And thus:

As Bolt’s 9.58,

each genuine performance,

yours and mine,

let’s celebrate,


Our humanity.

We do what we can.


(To be continued…)








Beautiful flowers

grow in a trash heap.

Weeds flourish

in prepared garden beds.

Nature, or humans…

Who decides what is art

and what belongs where?