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I dream, out of nowhere,

my neighbor has a huge sailing ship

parked in the communal area.

… I loathe my neighbor,

but he acts like this scene is normal,

coming over to me,

suddenly talking as if we are friends.

… What does it mean?


(To be continued…)








The Worship of Mammon

The vileness we find ourselves in

demands a reaction,

one way or another.

Everything is unfair

and the pain seem inescapable.

Treacherous solar winds radiate,

burning, searing,

bodies and minds.

People instinctively lie,


and violate,

cloaking it in “progressive” vibes,

stroking egos and fatty tissue…

(In reality they don’t give a shit,

but they want to appear “legit”;

hollow scum, festering liberal cankers!)

If I could,

I would sleep like a child,

10, 12 hours,

and expect everything better

in morning rising.

(*As if!*)

For people to be genuine…

That is my dream.








Woman sleeping


In my dream,

he kissed me passionately,

told me I was beautiful.

He licked my neck and said:

“I wanna fuck your brains out!”

… And other terms of endearment,

such I dream.




There are clues,

breadcrumbs, let’s say,

hints of decay,

nonetheless, simply put, it worked,

until it didn’t,

to be precise, it worked until

people no longer believed.

… They wanted something different! …

As they say, be careful what you wish for.

(Such a true cliché!)

… Homage for Yugoslavia.




Sunset Above Clouds


A dream of another reality.


I had hope.




Rest I need,

escape I crave,

I shut my eyes.

Brain betrays,

horror and banality invade

my everything.

Inside I scream,

tear myself apart.

… Wasted dream.




Last night I dreamt of family…

It was OK,

pleasant, the way it should be

(… bearing no resemblance to reality).




You drool as you sleep,

salty residue left on your pillow.

Epic life memories, mainly forgotten.




Mid-sentence… I always seem to wake.

No wonder I feel dazed, confused,

perpetually half-baked.




Common sense? (Far from common!)

Logic, indeed, innate wisdom…

if you’re peaceful enough to listen,

and blessed enough to be free enough to pursue

the promptings, unmolested,

then you will find fulfilment,

strong filament,

bringer of light,

and the world will be a better place.

(If only the people actually wanted it to be!)