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Next thing I knew, I remember being on a plane,

long-haul flight,

a special kind of torture,

sardine can humanity,

all-pervasive drone.

My fellow passengers seemed to be enlivened and excited.



Why, oh why,

can’t they contain themselves?

Sit quiet and still,

headphones on

listening to Led Zeppelin,

zoned out,

like I

was trying to be.





If Only…

Posted: 2015-11-22 in If Only

If only your dad had blown his load into a dirty old sock, blue …

If only my friend’s pain had been neck ache, not cancer.

If only people cared about their impact upon others.

If only you could feel some of my angst too.

If only we could go back and start again, when your dad blew his load into a dirty old sock, blue.