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Mother & Child (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin)

She referred to herself as an illegitimate child.

“Really?” I replied. “Why denigrate yourself so?”

“Illegitimacy”. Surely an offensive and outdated term.

In these supposedly liberal and progressive times,

why would such a concept remain?

Yet, in “advanced Western” contexts I hear it repeatedly.

As if an inherent shame stalks the child forevermore.

Bizarre! I thought such ideas had died out long ago.

To me, all children are legitimate.

It’s got nothing to do with parentage.

The child simply exists.

Indeed, if you prick them do they not bleed?

Words, certainly cut asunder.

Then I reflected, was reminded:

the concept of illegitimacy,

cloaked in bogus morality,

actually has more to do with greed

and bourgeois inheritance imperatives.

Do you agree?


(To be continued…)