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No Takers?

Posted: 2016-04-07 in ISS, Thoughts For The Day

Yesterday it was my preacher, in my ears, telling me that if I was a true believer I’d give.

Today it’s my favorite rock band, in my face, they have a project going, and if I’m a true fan I’ll give.

Different faces,

they make convincing cases,

for their disparate and worthy causes,

in my kinder moments I’m willing to accede.

… Willing to bleed.

Then reason shakes me,

wakes me,

and I feel so alone

when I realize that the people in my life,

near and far,

like to see me bleed,

that their reason for existence is to take.

And I fret when my Word document freezes and crashes,

masterful words, ideas lost.

Technology’s a bitch!

Then I contort myself to see out a window most awkward,

looking to the sky

and I smile involuntarily,

grinning manically

as I see the International Space Station fly by.



True friends give without being asked.