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Polymath_ Biruni, Pochta SSSR, 1973

The digression

seems to waste my time,

distract my focus, seep my energy.

But, really, “waste” is such a loaded judgment,

and how will I know until tomorrow (or beyond),

the enrichment that this digression might bring.


(To be continued…)









Paul was a joyless misogynist.

They assert,

it’s quite obvious,

and certainly seems clear.

(Nikak, i

ni v koyem sluchaye!)

Then they retranslate,

and realize,

it’s apparently not so,

so as to speak,

by no means,

and it may never be.

Matters of style and misunderstanding…

Sublime and inadequate.

Sacred and human.

What else then,

is open to question?