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Tonight on My Kitchen Rules: Jim and Jules cook a decadent feast for their guests. Force-fed goose liver; abhorrently young (oh so tender) veal, kept in the dark; beluga caviar and truffles, for the wusses; eagle eggs plucked from absurdly high, dangerous Himalayan cliff-face nests by 8 year-old child slaves, just for your pleasure. In between times there will be witty repartee, filled with much innuendo. Dessert will be served on the naked body of a voluptuous sixteen year-old young woman (whose parents signed a consent form, on proviso that she be given a 3-figure modelling contract with Con’s Fruit & Veggie Fondue Magazine – absurd, no?).

Absurd, yes. Humorous, yes. Repulsive, illegal and immoral – yes. And not far from truth (pretty darn close to what you desire!)