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for which there are no good answers…

Everyday compromises…

You try to quiet the voices in your mind,

your soul,

they are pleading for something higher.

You convince yourself

(for the sake of sanity and “survival”)

that this living hell

is normal.










Your potential is great…

But everything conspires to suffocate:

time, people, place,

all manipulate and violate.

(fuck them and the devil!)









For what do we fight,

and/or sacrifice our lives?

Ethereal dictate.









Everything’s compromised,

body, soul, objects.

Imposed hopelessness

pervades my being

and doing.

Time, people, society:

I am stripped naked

and tortured,


onlookers cheer.

Futility overtakes,

I give up the race.








Their decisions,

sometimes malign,

often banal,

always selfish,

have consequences.

They impact,

they hurt.


inside and out,

your heart and soul screams…

This is not the life you want to live.




They make your life a misery.

Their choices imposed on your reality.

Your neighbor, man in the street,

voices on a bus, flashlight in your face.

Beat, beat, beat,

demonic metronome…

objective: soul broken.




“Do or die!” inner voice cries,

establishment imbued.

Soul decides, if it’s really down to two,

resignedly, alas,

let’s go with latter.




Day after day

we fade away,



Each breath

another expression

of life

become death.




They told me he wasn’t as vulgar as LBJ,


as lecherous as JFK.


Nevertheless, in his own way…

When I walked into the office the chief was berating the intelligent-looking guy:

“For Christ’s sake, Henry, think big! Let’s get nuclear, goddammit!”

Mortified at the blasphemy, involuntarily I laughed.

Bemused, they looked through me, a woman,

an open door.




Outside, I approached the car.

Inside, he watched carefully.

Slowly, he wound the window down.

I could hear Nautilus Pompilius playing,

one track transitioned into another,

a homemade cassette.

I smiled inwardly.

I knew we would have something to talk about.