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Short, and sharp, and shit.

That’s how we like it.

No wasted time,

straight to the point,

the message clear,

the bad news,

the cringing fear,

so we can move on

to the next article.

Short, and sharp, and shit.




Thoroughly modern, you like what you like, personalized and unique,

well, at least, you thought so,

until that weird episode of that TV show which you normally like, with the weird guest star who said we’re all manipulated to like things by “the powers that be”, to sell advertizing and products we don’t really need, to suit someone else’s agenda.

It confused you but it made sense for a couple of seconds when you were high one night, vibes still playing on your mind, and you realized that you like *all* the popular things, the same as *all* your yuppie, millennial friends, and that there’s nothing personalized or unique about your likes at all.

And, now sober, that thought still vaguely haunts you, every now and again. And you don’t know, but you pretend you do and, for safety’s sake, you make sure to follow the direction of the style gurus and like what you’re supposed to.

After all, who wants to be so unique

as to be an outcast?

In an increasingly globalized world,

full of increasingly isolated individuals,

who believe they’re more interconnected than ever before,

because they live through a screen

and get the occasional “like”…

In a world, where knowledge is more accessible than ever,

but people eschew the clever,

where “Reality TV” whores and junkies are paragons of aspiration, fame and fortune, the more messed-up you are the better…

In a world where everyone is more American and Americans have never been more hollow,

where idiots get multi-million Dollar book deals,

and no one reads a book…

On a planet that is dying, overpopulated and frying,

where people cringe from a bright blue sky

and seem hell-bent on polluting,

besmirching all that is pure and natural,

Indonesian rainforests burning, corruption endemic,

God-money rains down toxic ash, Singaporeans choking…

There’s always a financial bottom line, in every endeavor,

in our race to the bottom of the pit,

lowest common denominator,

we have forgotten what it means to be human.


I “comforted” myself with such thoughts as I considered what had to be done.

To kill a mockingbird, some might say is wrong, but in context what can’t be rationalized, condoned?