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The changes obviously suit somebody

(maybe several somebodies),

the changes, however, do not suit me,

surely I’m not alone;

I imagine I have some “kindred spirits”,

somewhere, who resist changes

which serve no good purpose for the majority

(who would realize it, if they could detach, and focus);

changes which complicate our lives yet further, and drain,

life and sanity, time and mind.

… After all, I’m only now, somewhat,

getting used to it being Summer;

why should I embrace a Fall?


(To be continued…)







Medici Famiglia_ Gio Maria Butteri

“That’s Entertainment!”

Proclaimed, harmless diversion.

… Tonight’s perversion?


(To be continued…)








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

Alas, the relentless drive of capitalism.

Exploitation, manipulation, wasteful decadence;

for your entertainment,

and debasement.


(To be continued…)








Prison_ Chain Gang

It was nice being comrades,

but you got bored, wanted to move on,

to be precise, go back to what you used to be.

As a mother who spends “too much time” with her children, discovers that she despises them, so go you, and the majority … (apparently it’s normal today, to be a fucked-up family!)

… Sad state, this depraved, regressive progress …

But, it’s OK, I’m content to be alone, somewhat free.

Happy Birthday, me!


(To be continued…)









Their guilt-trip, manipulation and misinformation

does not have the desired effect and/or result.

They have a plan for me,

but I react differently,

some would say implode.

Their words pervert and contort in my mind,

twisting, molesting my very core.

Their message spoken and haunting,

induces neurosis.


(To be continued…)








Pied Piper

I don’t want to,

but it seems inescapable,

as Pavlov’s dogs,

sometimes, try as I might not to,

I dance to the loathsome set tune.


(To be continued…)








Vino 2

Puissant, in a perverted sense,

tormenting my being and essence.

Self-centered, supercilious, bloated, loathsome enemy;

daily presence, such stress is deadly.

Regardless, in peaceful times, when my mind is able,

I do what I can to detach.

And tonight, henceforth, as far as I’m concerned,

that pissant doesn’t exist.


(To be continued…)









Are we there yet?

The beginning of the end?

And other clichés.

… Utterly screwed,

totally confused,

you, me, and the chimpanzee.

As leaders invoke, abuse,

wartime memories:

sacrifice, heroism, bravery,

and lambs to slaughter.

… This legacy they died for?


(To be continued…)








Plyaska Smerti 1

Gimmicks and flashing lights,

distractions from life,

the essential.

Advertising and capitalism:

strange dreams implanted,

exploitation, manipulation,


constant delusions, lies,

sucking you dry,

making you demented

and infected.



(To be continued…)








Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)

They fill your head with panic, misinformation,


they’ve got you where they want you:


Afraid and desperate, many will do,

exactly what *they* want them to … …

(Is this the end of the world as we know it?)

… Meanwhile another storm batters,

howling winds, pouring rain:

tomorrow floods and more destruction,

ushering in,

they’re welcoming,

martial law.


(To be continued…)