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Clouds (Ruthenium-106 article)

Fitfully, I drift in and out of consciousness.

Grasping for respite in the teeth of agony.

Meaning and reason dissolves

as I see him, briefly,

beautiful as ever, despite betrayal.

Pain overwhelms.

… Is this life,

or a fleeting memory?


(To be continued…)








Hole In Wall

That thing which I seemed to brush off yesterday,

haunts and taunts me today,

makes me less likely to…

Do anything tomorrow.


(To be continued…)








Perfidy, Betrayal. Knife & Flowers Behind Back

Memories that tickle my fancy,

whimsical pleasantry,

develop, digress,

remind me in turn,

of perfidy

and things that should not be.


(To be continued…)








Grave Stones

Busy time for memories,

series of days, to commemorate,

life which was, gone too soon,

alas, for someone, as always.


(To be continued…)








Red, Glass Shattered, Broken

Happy memories,

delight, sting and seep away;

bleeding cut finger.


(To be continued…)








Foto Album 1

My life, my memories, my agonies.

All things past, today seem farce.


yesterday’s gladness,

now sadness.

Pain and betrayal cast a shadow over all…

I regret every wasted effort,

every unprotected breath.









Soft seat, or hard?

We’re equal, more or less.

… Forward,



… Minds on fire.

The train will reach it’s destination

regardless of heart’s desire.





Mauer fällt

Gradually, I put the pieces together,

ultimately, then

the edifice crumbles,

and the wall





I was an idiot,

sad but true.

Let’s blame it on youthful ignorance,


being in a rush to find and express myself,

still, I blush,


I was an idiot yesterday.




Aus 1

And me,

with only one Ruble

and one Dollar

to my name.

Indeed, the Dollar is Australian,

whatever that means.


I have peace.