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Chandra Crab

I’ve said it before, or something similar:

To speak is to be misunderstood.

And yet, humanity continues in its futility,

attempting to communicate,

with people either unable or unwilling to understand.

In our conceit, we believe that other people want to know and/or care.

And so we speak. Words. Deep and meaningful. A piece of soul, blowing in the wind. Words. Disappearing, soon to be forgotten, another banality will steal slender attention.

Every word, as a breath lost, given up to a relentless fire …

Gone, ultimately we tire,

oxygen starvation,

silence embrace.

Death. (or is this peace true life?)


(To be continued…)








Zeppelin_ Pochta SSSR, 1991, Albatros

Apocalypse nigh,

they sneer at the man-child,

just as yesterday, and the day before.

They, who represent normal; they, who always seem to have time to stand around and talk, repetitive, banal babble.

I feel for him, the guy, I can tell his mind is on higher things, he’s doing what he can to survive in this fucked-up world. I feel a connection, even though I don’t know him. I want to reach out, but he’s inured, he stays within himself, focused, he doesn’t meet my gaze. We pass like zeppelins, out of time and place.

Gone, like tomorrow’s gherkins.

Meanwhile, again, the establishment chatters, bemused, selfish, scornful, only their clique matters.


(To be continued…)








Pioneer Plaque Humans

To speak, is to be misunderstood,

more or less, by somebody,

family, friend, enemy,

every day.


(To be continued…)








Vikhr 2

Misunderstood and unappreciated.

I try to explain my reasoning and motives,

yet again.

Futility intrinsic,

agonizing perpetuity.


(To be continued…)








JF Bazille, Étude de nu

Misspoken, or misunderstood.

Your language, or mine,

all words matter, depending on how they’re taken.

Standing with phrasebook, desperately searching for something adequate to convey emotion and feeling.

Tired, so tired.

Time to lie down.


(To be continued…)








O du armer Judas, was hast du getan_

Love and good intentions,

misunderstood, rejected,

becomes bitterness and strife.

… Perpetual misery,

what chance, withered fig tree?


(To be continued…)








Prison_ Chain Gang

So, they charged me:

treason against the nation-state.


I didn’t abide by their rules.

I was true to myself.

Maybe one day someone

will compare and contrast

the charges

with treason against myself,

against reason, decency

and humanity.








Red Luna (Illawarra Mercury)

I too am an outsider,

apart from the clique.

I too am a Fellow Traveler,

riven by angst,




what good deep thinking

and best intentions

in this shallow world?

… We try,

we really try,

and we die.

Futility engulfs,

hearts and minds sneer. …


scorned, we retreat,

inevitable defeat,

we despair:

base, self-centred adversaries

always seem

to ace.









If ever she says:

“I’m proud of you.”

It will be tinged

with the sadness of knowing,

for me,

it is not true.