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Turku Athletics.

Beautiful warm Summer night.

Navels on display.



Croatia and nudity,

like bread and butter.


“All I’ve ever needed is myself!” declared the self-righteous, prima donna, starlet. Her inspiration a right-wing, neo-facist, anti-clerical ideologue, perhaps. Or, maybe she’s just a selfish brat who is only really interested in pleasuring herself.

Nonetheless, she rates well in this world, obsessed with a financial bottom line.

True, it would appear based on her worldly success tick-off list.

An actress, recognized and paid way too much. A dog-lover. Arrested. Married to a bloated guy almost twice her age. Bisexual, she says she loves who she loves; tomorrow, who knows?

White trash.

The only constant is that she loves herself.

And the world would be better off is she stayed at home and satisfied her-oh-so-superior-self by touching herself alone, instead of screwing others blindly.

Quote: “All I’ve ever needed is myself!”

(No, this isn’t the deepest thing I’ve written but I feel like satisfying myself and ranting…)


Hand on railing, the starlet looks meaningfully into the camera. She’s (literally) in touch with her past.

Why should we care that her long-dead relative once also touched this railing, climbed and descended these stairs?

Apparently we do, we’re watching the TV show: yes, we’re watching what the powers-that-be think we want to watch … (actually, we’re just waiting for this program to finish, so we can watch the next one…)

Starlet has the present and future in her hands, why does she want the past? (That burden’s too heavy even for Stakhanov!)

Move the fuck on!

Jews obsessed with genealogy.

Jews defining themselves by their ancestors, their spirituality and beliefs rooted in family heritage. … Genealogy as something of a religious experience. … They worship the dusty old books and the computer screens, blood sacrifice: looking for meaning in their lives.

Nazis obsessed with genealogy.

Nazis defining themselves by their ancestors, by what makes them different from their Jewish and Slavic neighbors. … Genealogy as something of a religious experience. They worship the dusty old books, the Nordic primal screams, blood sacrifice: looking for meaning in their lives.

Apparently genealogy is big business, second only to pornography in popularity on the internet. And people are willing to pay the price, economically, socially and morally: to feel that they belong, to hear that they are different and special, to believe that they have a family. Kith and kin. People are willing to kill (themselves and you), for the idea of a connection, and connections of ideas.

Warning! The following program contains: Nudity, Violence, Coarse Language, Adult Themes, Drug Use, and… Navel Gazing.



You wrote this shit? *You* wrote this shit?


You thought this shit, inside your head?


Why didn’t you say something?



The last man I heard referred to as a “top bloke”, he shot his two young sons and drove his station wagon, the three of them in it, off a wharf into 30m of savage ocean. Murder-suicide the media reported. I was amazed at how kindly the community viewed that guy’s breakdown. … Sigh. You or I, we’d be drawn and quartered for perpetuity.