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Dancing shadows

lead me astray,

wrong conclusions,

seen and believed.


(To be continued…)







Ch 7, USA

I don’t want to hear anymore what the voices, that get to speak, have to say, or predict.

Full of shit, hubris, an agenda, they’re usually wrong and always misleading.

Today, I only care about what is and has been reality, painful and keenly felt.

Tomorrow, who can tell?


(To be continued…)








BBC Nation Speak Peace_

I hear BBC news,

it’s noise deluge,

speaking to me in my language, allegedly.

It spits out figures and gives no time to absorb,

spouting contention and arguments,

asking only select participants.

Reporting pain, and drain, negative views,

it’s hard for me to feel anything but confusion,

disorientation, and generalized hate.

That’s quite an achievement,

in this day and age,

fostering yet more rage.

Alas, how I miss what I thought used to be,

BBC news.

Whatever happened to “Nation speaking peace unto nation”?


(To be continued…)








Ch 7, USA

News and current affairs:

it’s good to be informed, aware,

empowered, they say.

So, I watch, read and listen,

and learn some confusion,

plenty of opinion,

compote of hateful rhetoric.

I need to tune out!

Today’s events,

developments and pissing contests.

Tomorrow’s screwed.

This is “The News”.


(To be continued…)