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Krichat ot boli (Screaming, noise assualt)

Once the noise is in your head, you’re gone,


Vibrations linger,

contort into crevices of your being,

your essence,

the evil noise twists and dements,

parasitic, it feeds,

taking away good parts,

filling empty shell with badness.

… “Morning has broken” madness.


(To be continued…)








Pied Piper

When the idiots tire of hearing their own voices,

clanging, hollow noises,

peace and wisdom will reign.

… Little chance, alas.

Sadly the idiots are the most confident people

and they have risen to the highest positions in our world.

They are our leaders and teachers, our movers and shakers,

our celebrities, our “everything”,

fools and tools, we call them “stars”

and they guide us

further into the abyss.


(To be continued…)









“There now, isn’t that better?

We have the TV to distract us.

So much better than listening

to the sound of our own heartbeats

and contemplating the futility

of society and existence…”