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As I pace in my cell,

forwards and backwards,

I consider,

imagining myself somewhere and someone


Imagine… Like an American.

Way of life.


Planet Earth.

Some women give birth.



Nonetheless, progress.

If I had a therapist,

they would be impressed.





Turku Athletics.

Beautiful warm Summer night.

Navels on display.


Lahti, Sunday.

Posted: 2016-02-21 in Nordic Combined

Through a corridor of cheerleaders, Finnish-style

(enthusiastic, yet understated, sensibly dressed, elegant to me),

the heroes make their way to the line.

They’re not trash like Matti,

indeed, they’ve already moved on, past the jumping phase.

They’re not lauded like Janne,

though they’re just as serious, intense, in their own way.

They are Anssi, in body and soul,

they are awesome.

They are Nordic Combined.