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Mid-sentence… I always seem to wake.

No wonder I feel dazed, confused,

perpetually half-baked.




In my earnest endeavors to be more authentic,

I fear I am presenting as

a parody of myself.




I imagine myself completely naked,

walking along a pristine beach.

I’m holding the hand of a man,

he too is naked.

We aren’t talking,

we have no need to speak out loud,

we are communing silently,

it is a deep and pure connection,

as we walk along the beach.

I feel safe and secure.

I feel enlightened.

I no longer feel afraid.

The scene is beautiful.

We are beautiful.

We are made in the image of God.


Looking for a place to belong…

willing to sacrifice,



Posted: 2015-09-25 in Note to self

Note to self: You are unlikely to have much success if you try to fix a broken chair with glue.

Note to self: Must remember to write aforementioned note, once I find somewhere to sit.