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Starry Night Sky, Trees (Rus)

They say it is a sin to pray for “the suicides”.

I say this is blasphemy.

It is the antithesis of love.

Who better, indeed, to pray for than those desperate,

tormented souls,

for whom life itself has become so unbearable

that they are willing instead to embrace the abyss,


Jesus, surely, would have prayed for the suicides,

privately *and* publicly.

And besides, haughty Pharisees,

suicide takes many forms and time frames:

consider the man who smokes and eats badly, excessively,

knowing it is doing him ill,

shortening his life on earth,

yet still he persists,

submitting to sensual temptation.

Giving himself unto death.

Indeed, each and every day,

one way or another,

we all

… Suicide.


show some grace!)