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Beautiful flowers

grow in a trash heap.

Weeds flourish

in prepared garden beds.

Nature, or humans…

Who decides what is art

and what belongs where?




Bold move,

he decided to tell the truth.


history prefers

beautiful lies.





Olympiada turned away and hung her head in shame.

Not because she was ashamed of herself

but rather

of what was done in her name.

Humanity and the pursuit of excellence,

an oxymoron,

quite a spectacle.


He exited the gym, pleased with his exertions,

feeling the benefit in his muscles and body,

exercise. So pure!

Sweat, cleansing,

so healthy-feeling.

He took a long and satisfying drag on his cigarette.



She exited the clinic,

botox procedure complete,

her face smoother.

Contented, youth restored.

She screwed her eyes shut, squinting dramatically,

the glare of the Sun.