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Fingerprints (Schwarz & Rot)

Pain seeps soul away;

or maybe it’s who we are:

sum experience.


(To be continued…)








Fetal Position 1

It starts with a myriad of thoughts,

brain-flooding, torrent of negativity.

Then, all-consuming agony,

radiating from my head

to my everything.

I drift in & out of consciousness,

transitioning into a throbbing nothingness,

where pain overwhelms, totally,

making thought beyond the agony’s essence


… This is existence?


(To be continued…)








Migren, Headache, Tee, Utro


If all the people in the world,

suffered from migraine agony,

at the same time

and to the same extent.

Maybe, just maybe,

we’d be more considerate to each other.

… But, if so, how long would it last?


(To be continued…)








Perfidy, Betrayal. Knife & Flowers Behind Back

Memories that tickle my fancy,

whimsical pleasantry,

develop, digress,

remind me in turn,

of perfidy

and things that should not be.


(To be continued…)








Grave Stones

Busy time for memories,

series of days, to commemorate,

life which was, gone too soon,

alas, for someone, as always.


(To be continued…)








Dzhentileski_ Melankholiya

*I*, am struggling with today.

*They*, are talking about tomorrow, excited and relishing prospects.

I want to forget anything beyond the past.


(To be continued…)








Red, Glass Shattered, Broken

Happy memories,

delight, sting and seep away;

bleeding cut finger.


(To be continued…)








Neverending headache,

perpetual pain,

every aspect of my being,

disappointed and repulsed

by the manifestation

of this existence.

… OK, let me re-state:

“People suck!”




The kind of headache that’s all-consuming,




Secretly, you fear a brain tumor.

Pervertedly, diagnosis offers relief.




I need to sleep…

But my mind is racing,

full of injustices

swirling, contorting,

ugly perfidy,

enemies looming, sneering,

and I’m angry,

I want to fight.

Tormented and demented

in the middle of the night.


betrayed, it seems,

every step of the way.

Feeling so hard done by.

Beauty for ashes?

Where’s mine?