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Sick joke:

They put us, sailors of the Soviet Navy,

on a ship called “Empress of Russia”.

… Accommodated by Allies?!

… Canadians smirk, they love their monarchy.

… *Whores!*








I’ll put it in terms that you will maybe understand:


We were promised Mercedes,

instead we got Trabants.

… Fake Trabants, at that,

for which we had to wait

and wait

and wait,

until Uncle Kolya returned

from Magdeburg.








A sad kind of death.




7 () 1917 SPb (Inside the Winter Palace_)

And suddenly, it was tomorrow,

and tomorrow wasn’t what it used to be.




I replied,

poignantly, sweetly, thoughtfully.

Alas, it seems the subtlety and beauty

of my words failed to register

in your hardened heart.

I never heard from you again.




She told me I had delusions of grandeur

and to *get lost*.

And, why couldn’t I be normal?

Like her.

Life, in the real world.

She’d just bought a bottle of Boyaryshnik

for her, her husband and his mother.

Imagine the despair.




Like, in the factory,

a broken dish…

Quality goes out the window

when someone is looking over your shoulder.

… Heartbreak and intestinal pain,

things that shouldn’t be.

(Am I truly responsible for my (re)actions?)




What was the last straw?

For some reason I’m reminded of initial reactions when the Americans sent Shirley Temple as their new Ambassador.


We’re trying to run a serious country.

Who’s next?

Mickey Mouse?




Yesterday’s revolution.

Today’s memory.

Tomorrow’s disappointment.

Counteractive forces

play their part.

(Alas, they tear out my heart!)

And we are back

at square one.

… Some say

there is nothing new under the Sun.

Revolution indeed.




A broken clock is right twice a day,

sad cliché, perhaps,

but true.

In the upheaval,

a clock was shot.

Time stopped…

Revolution continues!




Screw you and your time imperatives!

I don’t wear a watch…

It takes as long as it takes…

The Sun rises & sets,

now will always be now,

in retrospect,

and tomorrow is Revolution!