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Hole (Sky View)

We play the game

(though it degrades us),

we are told we are meant to play,

and we believe it proper

(but, inside, if we listen,

it *feels* so wrong).

… Molested soul,

gaping hole:

the more you take,

the bigger it grows!









Sakhalin 1

Banal enemies:

May their worst-case scenario

become reality!

Their pitiful existence sucks!

Truly, they are beneath me,

but like an insect, hell-bent,

barb deployed,

greeting withheld,

they bite.




Piton de la Fournaise, 2004

Disembodied voice,

blast from past,

blood runs cold,

memories and nausea,

molten lava in head.

… Sometimes,

for some people,

the less said

is best.

… Piton de la Fournaise!