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Busily we fill our emptiness

with shit.

Hastily we fill our silence

with garbage.

Willfully we are unenlightened,

destroying our planet,


each other,

day after day.

We have a choice and,


we choose conflict

and death.

We disguise our stupidity

and smooth our futility,

with short-term distractions,

loud music and sex.

To err is too human.






And shit.


are shit.

They come and they go.

Inconsistently, annoyingly, capriciously,

like ants in the sun and rain.

O’ if only they would stay (gone!).

Then, perchance, peace for me.

We meditate

(strive for enlightenment)

best alone.




And, the people, exhausted,

sat on their hands

and/or assumed whatever broken pose

felt appropriate,



sucked dry,

they had no more to give…




Warsaw Ghetto


Stupidly grinning,

we slide into oblivion.


mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,

civilization’s daughters and sons,





She tells me,

her husband earns shit-loads of money,

like I should be impressed,


I tell her,

society doesn’t reward people appropriately,


as I bandage her wounds.




Good people you notice

and in their absence miss.

Assholes and shits,


you notice in their return,

curse their existence.




(Sitting at a table,

wondering when exactly

Central Europe became a

destination for Anglo-Saxon trash.)

The English girls were there to celebrate,

and tonight that meant denigrate


and the guy on stage.

Some kind of pre-wedding party,

a last expression of freedom,

all good fun and games,

which is to say

drunken debauchery.

They had a stripper,

a tall guy, athletic,

no tattoos,

from my corner, I liked the view.

Obviously he got naked,

and the girls went crazy,

grabbing and groping,

the guy became hard,

my eyes widened:

was this part of the act?

The girls screamed with delight,

ear-piercingly loud

(tomorrow’s headache now!),

one started to pull on the guy,

another pushed her aside and devoured his penis,

deepthroating him,

he grimaced,

surely this wasn’t meant to be.

The girls hollered and brayed,

demented apes,

all touching what they could,

all at once,

it was repulsive,

it was rape.

The guy looked shell-shocked,

he tried to move away.

They laughed at his limpness

and rubbed cum on his face.

Only when the waitress brought more drinks

did they lose interest.

They laughed and giggled,

what fun and memories,

for the English girls,

office workers, nurses, lawyers, teachers,

pillars of society

and hypocrisy.

Tomorrow a wedding,

innocent and white.

Next year a mother.

Children born

sons of bitches,










There’s a time

when someone decides

that your life won’t be the stuff of American dreams.

Someone decides,

not God and not yourself,

that you’ll live the ramshackle life

of the desperate,

the hurting,

the betrayed.

No matter your good deeds or intentions,

fatally and fatefully, my friend,

society says,

people like you and me

are fucked.

… Welcome to the underground.




You don’t understand?

Your loss.

But does anyone, truly,


understand anyone else,

or even themselves?


your disregard hurts!




Lenin’s falling

and so am I,

toppled, crushed and pounded.

The gravity of imposed


is oppressive.

… The people on the bus with me,

I must add,



are trash!