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Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.










In a past life,

I was sent into space,

launched in a rocket,

I forget the time and place.

Traumatized, atomized,

blasted and dissected,

everything lost meaning,

form and being.


I have a feeling that I wasn’t dog or ape,

hopefully then, I was Félicette,

Parisienne Hero Cat,

not, alas, a nameless,

forgotten rat.








It breaks my heart,

the pain and frustration,

which people, place and circumstance

have forced us into.

Like Chinese water torture, drop by drop,

wearing us away,

lies and deceptions drain,

our blood,

our will,

systems and conspiracies destroy.








Sakhalin 1

Banal enemies:

May their worst-case scenario

become reality!

Their pitiful existence sucks!

Truly, they are beneath me,

but like an insect, hell-bent,

barb deployed,

greeting withheld,

they bite.




Piton de la Fournaise, 2004

Disembodied voice,

blast from past,

blood runs cold,

memories and nausea,

molten lava in head.

… Sometimes,

for some people,

the less said

is best.

… Piton de la Fournaise!