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Forest Fire

The death of a loved one,

so traumatic, I’ll never forget,

and always regret,

the torrent

of destruction that followed.

Unholy purgatory,

minions of hell,

perverted concepts of revenge.

All so unnecessary,

curse and theft,

it breaks my heart


Life amongst the living dead,

alas, selfish,

perfidious clan.












so careful.

Doing things the right way, loving and protecting,


All for naught,

as some motherfucker in a ludicrously big van

careens carelessly, thoughtlessly, selfishly

into your frame and smashes


into jagged pieces.









You shake your head,

even thought the movement hurts,

you feel compelled to express chagrin.

Throbbing migraine,

futility compulsion,

fundamental, primal pain.








Relotius_ Jaegers Grenzer

Regardless of what your American relatives tell you,

everything, indeed, is relative:

truth, justice and the American way,

is truth, lies and compromise.

The answer to the question depends upon time, place

and who is doing the asking.

Objectivity is admirable but, alas, illusive,

and screw liberal “New York Times” hubris.

Everything is

what the powers that be

want it to be.








Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.









Ronald Reagan,

a great man,

a great American.

Ronald Reagan,

poetry in motion.

Alas, dear reader,

history and satire,

maybe don’t repeat,

but surely do rhyme…

like futility and perfidy,

pain and drain,

dreams blown away.









Tsar Bomba 2

Because you are you,

and I have no other true ally,

my nuclear lover,

any treachery is magnified infinitely,

to treason, to perfidy,

beyond reason,

and I react










Everything’s compromised,

body, soul, objects.

Imposed hopelessness

pervades my being

and doing.

Time, people, society:

I am stripped naked

and tortured,


onlookers cheer.

Futility overtakes,

I give up the race.









Winter peace & stillness.

Like most things people say,

it’s a myth.

And *how* it mocks,

upends your sense of right,

kicks you in the guts,

and spits in your face.

Like good intentions,

other people’s actions

make what should be

a lie.




You wake up,

so as to speak,

and gradually the pain and shit of your existence

seeps back into your consciousness.

Disappointments and mistakes loom large,

yours and others.

From this life there is no escape.

Today, yet again,

more compromise and treason.