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Too stark, she says,

this thing we have done,

contrasting bad and good,

replacing wrong with “right”…

revolutions and intentions.

Pause, reflect,

so much lost,

a relative black hole.

Indeed, we need to ameliorate,

find appropriate red paint,

restore our fate.

… Is it possible?





History is written by the victors,

so they say.


it’s often written by the aggrieved,

those who are sufficiently motivated to

make the point,

to explain their pain.


raison d’être,

as one is yesterday

and today.




Senseless violence, you say, as you shake your head,


Problem is, it’s not senseless.

For the perpetrator the carnage has a reason.

For the victim, the crime is anything but devoid of sense:

it assaults every sensory preceptor in their body,

chews them up, and spits them out.


Immoral and illogical,

but not senseless.




The king of Romania

got off lightly…

He got to walk away.

Exalted life and ivory towers,

yesterday’s émigré.




As an artist,

I realize the impossibility of replicating perfection.

As a plebian,

I understand your frustration and choose to let your criticism slide.





“The manda,

she’s got some spunk in her!”

(Fight and cry…)

The soldiers laughed

and went off to die.




Democracy, an illusion,

a dream rarely come true.

Can you really rely on others

to make the right decision for *you*?




“Vote for me!” and

“Investing in our children’s future!” the politician proclaims,



An excuse, in actuality for perpetual current pain.

And tomorrow: “Suck it up! … I have a mandate. You ‘chose’ it. And, after all, it’s for the kids’ kids…”





50.00000000000001% of people,


decide to consign 49.99999999999999% of people to hell on earth.

… At best perverted purgatory.




Free speech on one side of the border means practically the opposite of the other.

Free? Yes, if it’s acceptable to the powers that be.


Not really.

They declare:

Choose which side you’re on.

Renounce as applicable,

past despicable.

I despair.


Society loves complicated simplification…

Reinventing the wheel,

toxic, caustic peel.