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Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2

His accent is thick, difficult for me to understand.

He says something about being a proud working class rebel, as he takes another drink.

This too is hard for me to understand. I reply, candidly: “Rebel, for getting drunk at the weekend? Briefly forgetting the wretchedness of your plight. Dreaming of a summer holiday. And going back to the miserable grind on Monday? Following orders and expectations. Isn’t that exactly what the ruling classes want you to do?”

He blinked, rubbed his forehead and said, suddenly very clear: “Go get fucked, you Commie cunt!”


(To be continued…)








Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

“You have an anger problem,” she said, with a tinge of concern.

That old trope, the man-child thought to himself, feeling his anger levels rising. After all, few things made him angrier than being told he had an anger problem.

“Doesn’t everyone,” he growled, “One way or another?”

(Victim and/or perpetrator, both…)


(To be continued…)








Sunbathing_ Jurmala, Latvija, 2010

“The world doesn’t revolve around you,” she said, sighing.

“No,” I replied, “The world revolves around an evil, heaving, ball of gas and chaos which, sooner or later, is going to kill everyone, yet, regardless, they worship it.”

“You think too much,” she frowned, condescending pity.


(To be continued…)








Mother & Child (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin)

She referred to herself as an illegitimate child.

“Really?” I replied. “Why denigrate yourself so?”

“Illegitimacy”. Surely an offensive and outdated term.

In these supposedly liberal and progressive times,

why would such a concept remain?

Yet, in “advanced Western” contexts I hear it repeatedly.

As if an inherent shame stalks the child forevermore.

Bizarre! I thought such ideas had died out long ago.

To me, all children are legitimate.

It’s got nothing to do with parentage.

The child simply exists.

Indeed, if you prick them do they not bleed?

Words, certainly cut asunder.

Then I reflected, was reminded:

the concept of illegitimacy,

cloaked in bogus morality,

actually has more to do with greed

and bourgeois inheritance imperatives.

Do you agree?


(To be continued…)








Pacific (Tikhiy)

We, people of the 21st Century,

are, for most part, self-focused to the extreme.

Yet, in paradox, we crave constant external stimuli,

“entertainment”, sensory overload, banalities.

Left alone, we’re easily bored and,

hating peace, do whatever possible

to drown out our own thoughts.


(To be continued…)









In midst of painful existence,

we yearn for change,

hope and belief that things can be better.

Alas, we learn tomorrow,

there is good change

and there is bad change.

If only we knew who was pulling the strings,

agenda, manifold.


(To be continued…)








Broken Window 2

“Traitor!” said the soldier-guard, holding a gun to the prisoner’s head,

following orders,


“To what?!” exclaimed the prisoner, defiant;

true to himself, to the bitter end.


(To be continued…)








Waking (too early),

in groggy clarity,

I recognize last night’s

thoughts and writing,

as beautiful, insightful





Neither President nor Rezident can keep it in their pants,

but it’s OK,

every man wishes he was Kennedy.




You see what you wanna see,

yes, I agree,

when I hear what I wanna hear.

(Let me be!)