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Drain 2

We’re all waiting to see the film that will change our lives (for the better).

… Inspirational, enlightening, life-affirming.

Still waiting and tired,

yet hopeful,

we’re inclined to watch trash (for time being).

Alas, increasingly, dulled, it seems,

our expectations lower, we relent,

accepting more and more shit.

… Entertainment?


(To be continued…)








R Pipes 2

Well, let’s do our best tomorrow.

Like, c’est la vie, we can’t change history.

But, alas, the historian can.


(To be continued…)









Op Priboi Vagon

Somebody’s dream,

blissful, ethereal view.

Another’s nightmare,

living, solidly true.

(To be continued…)









They tell me:


*I’m* the oddity.








Georgii Brousentsov - Au bord de l'eau

I see art,

and it’s beautiful.

The creation is truly a sensation!

But I understand what most men see,

on the wall,

in their souls,

and what they feel…

Base arousal.








1st Ave (3)

Big city, behind the façade,

social history gives a different portrayal,

human betrayals which money can’t hide…

Like scum and cream,

blood, dirt, anger, hurt

rise to the surface,

best and worst,

mediocrity and primal,


Greed and freedom,

fear of exploitation,


life wasted,

mob mentality rules…

Humanity burning,

out of and into control,

New York City cauldron.








SN Antikythera, SN Eleanor & SN Alexander

Somehow, now,

within me, the stars align,


despite having no desire,

I agree.

Today, as a result, is decided,

but yesterday is still open to question,

depending upon what tomorrow brings

and who “wins”.