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They consulted their paperwork,

the list,

so as to speak.


They came for me,

because I was

one of us,


it was enough.




You pray,

you believe,

you hope.

Life goes on,

people suck you dry.

You get disenchanted,


and exhausted.

You pray,

you try to believe,

you want to remember

what hope felt like.

One day you give up.

Soon, you will die.




Sometimes one more letter makes all the difference,

sometimes there’s no sitting on the fence.

Sometimes you wish things could go back

to the way they used to be,

before we knew we weren’t free,


alas. …


The politics of identity.

… Baloney

and imposed aspirations

make for crappy sandwiches at work

and confused kitchen table talk in the evenings.

Lest we regret, this is life.




I say: Filateliya…

I want to show you some of my collection,

history and appreciation,

some kind of essence,


I’m reaching out.

You think I say: Philadelphia…

and you walk away.






Frontline and trench, oasis,

Eingang und Ausgang,

voices and noise.

From our enclave we listen

and try to make sense


confusing world.

… Where to now?




One day they gave me a cellmate (Shit!),

a real piece of filth,

a man, to boot…

(Have we sunk to such levels of equality?)

Silence and tension

gave way to boredom and reflection…

I asked the guy what he’d done


and why.

His reply,

heartfelt diatribe:

“All these TV adverts, for tampons, pantyliners, pads, vaginal dryness relief, and shit, maybe you cunts think they’re empowering, but they’re not, they just make men view you with more contempt…”

His voice trailed off a little as he pulled down his pants.

Contempt, indeed,

I smiled thinly.




Fuck posterity,

it didn’t exist yesterday.

History is tomorrow.





Understated and misunderstood,

anonymous, in a sense, hated…

I outlast my critics,

family, neighbors, foes,

global apparitions,

as one by one they disappear…


increasingly I am free,

to pursue destiny.

By the Grace and Favor of God Almighty,

I celebrate:

the best is yet to come!




Despite our proximity,

we inhabit different realities.

My neighbors and I…

same building,

same street,

different planet.




You ask me how I write.


and free.

A gift from God,


A passion…

I listen to the voice within,

sometimes it sings.