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Picasso_ Imagine Is Real_ Desktop Wallpaper Sample

Deep within, I know it won’t make any difference to others and how they treat me.

I know, alas, that it will probably not create a beautiful new fate.

Regardless, I persist, this thing and that.

In desperation, I hope: Something that will make things better.

… Late night obsession: a new desktop wallpaper chosen, and tomorrow will be a good day.


(To be continued…)








Luna Far Side (Apollo 16), 1972

Yearning for something that cannot be,


fostering our ultimate misery:


seems to be part of our humanity.


(To be continued…)









I want to believe the best about people,

good intentions, etc.

But I’ve met too many,

been disappointed too often,

lied to

and cheated,

to, alas, be jaded,


and sadly wary.

… Regardless, a small flame flickers:

Wistful agony!

Disenchanted, alienated,

overwhelmed by impossibility,

still, I want to believe.


(To be continued…)








Flower Blows, Hope_

So, pretend it’s my Birthday,

and you want me to be happy.

Can we also pretend that everything is OK?

That we’re living in harmony.

That things are the way they should be.

That machines work and people have heart,


truly caring about (*every*) each other.

… Peaceful bliss!

Can we imagine, hope, believe,

the seemingly impossible?


(To be continued…)








Die Unehelichen 2

She asked me about Summer vacation: places, prospects, possibilities.

“Next Summer?” I replied,

“If I want to go anywhere, it’s back in time!”


(To be continued…)








Karl von Baden (Grossherzog), 1811

The historians didn’t ask me,

but actually,

Kaspar was a boy,

a son,

I’d have been proud to call my own.

On reflection, delicious irony,

he is said to have wanted to be

a rider, just like me!

What more could a father want?

(screw his mother!)


(To be continued…)








Stéphanie de Beauharnais

Alexandre was guillotined:

It seemed the right thing to do.

And I was married to Karl Ludwig:

hateful turd.

As they say in the classics:

“Life is cheap

and toilet paper is expensive.”


(To be continued…)








Kaspar Hauser 1

Wannabe, craving family,

will do whatever’s necessary …

At the end (and beginning) of the day,

we all need to be loved unconditionally.

Alas, so often this gets perverted,

sullied and torn,



(To be continued…)








Rus, Aloe

Wet towel falls away,

exposes soft white body,

life manifest, craved.








Birgit Meineke, Daniela Übel


Hope evaporates

like yesterday’s tears of joy

besmirched by those who do not want to understand.

A trace of salt is all that remains.