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Hitler, Nazis, Mercedes v3

Yesterday and today,

all the wannabes

want Mercedes.









Family Watches TV (Classic, Canada, Boxing)

Something to say?

Of course!

But who’s listening, reading, caring or,

most importantly,


about the words.

Your heart and soul poured out

as you to try to explain,

only to be drowned out

by TV noise.




Nazi Mercedes

As the Sun rises and sets,

the Moon shines,

inspiring (when clouds consent).

Birds sing

and people do “their thing”.

Every day, increasing,

I lament

humanity’s bent.








Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

It’s the selfish,


greedy, manipulative,



driven to humiliate,

(apparently instinctive),

nature of humanity

and society

that makes me believe

there is no hope.

I want and need

to escape!










experimented and demented,

every day another piece of me dies

as they advertise,

yet more shit…

the power of diversion,

perversion and aversion,

selling me yet more bondage.

Drained of life and hope,



knowing I’ll never have what

they tell me I need,

I want to die to this life.

Illness of modernity.




Hong Kong Jockey Club_ Happy Valley



that depends on your definition of pornography.”

… Do you care about me?




RFERL Transmitters, Biblis, De, 2007


As the self-appointed “leader of the free world”,

you allow yourself certain liberties,

lies and perversions,

to serve what you call the greater good.

The “free market” decides,



the direction of today’s morality.

In dollars and hubris you trust.




Your traitor gave up our traitors.

In your hubris, you miss the irony.

You call it treason,

we call it reason.

Mass-media, mind games and control,

I can only be true to my own soul.




Royals at play.

Grainy film footage,

kings, queens, princes,

splashing and frolicking,

the audience oohs and aahs,

how wonderful and delightful,

they say,

to see the rulers at play,

at ease and human,

beautiful princesses.

I bristle,


thinking of the underclass

contemporaneously exploited, bled dry,

no time or energy leftover

for frivolity,

for life.

Pain and injustice,

the masses suck it up.

Disgusted, I shout: “Let’s lynch the royal scum!”

Inside and outside, I cry.