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Webcam Cover (Bandaid)

So, I received an email… It’s quite well worded,

sufficient to cause alarm.

Apparently, somebody has my “password”,

and, magically, they also have video of me masturbating

(allegedly, I like some strange stuff).


And, tomorrow, if I don’t pay the bitcoin ransom,

“they” will send the video to people in my contacts list:

parents, family, friends, boss, whatever.

How unsettling!

And, “they” say, I will never be able to

look my contacts in the eye again.

… Regardless, tomorrow the “joke” will be on “them”.


(To be continued…)








Pacific (Tikhiy)

We, people of the 21st Century,

are, for most part, self-focused to the extreme.

Yet, in paradox, we crave constant external stimuli,

“entertainment”, sensory overload, banalities.

Left alone, we’re easily bored and,

hating peace, do whatever possible

to drown out our own thoughts.


(To be continued…)








Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

“Maestro,” he said mockingly, knowingly,

“Stars belong only in the sky,

far from human grasp.”


(To be continued…)








Polski Rabochiye_ Kolbasy, Chicago, 1905

The bosses, or their minions, are lurking,

always lurking,

watching, waiting

for your mistake.

They have ascended the ladder sufficiently,

to be immune to decency, morality,

and they will not bear any excuse,

as they turn the screws,

demanding more and more


draining your blood,

turning dreams to screams,

watching, waiting,

and, ultimately,

using every part of your fallen carcass

for sausages.


(To be continued…)









Are we there yet?

The beginning of the end?

And other clichés.

… Utterly screwed,

totally confused,

you, me, and the chimpanzee.

As leaders invoke, abuse,

wartime memories:

sacrifice, heroism, bravery,

and lambs to slaughter.

… This legacy they died for?


(To be continued…)








Jung 2

The expensive, scientifically proven moisturizer, anti-aging formula, works wonders:

it makes 16-year-old pretty girl models, look something like 16-year-old airbrushed young women.

Go get some today, at selected stores, locally.

Buy the dream.


(To be continued…)








TVs, Old-Stlye & Green Screens

She obsesses over how the female body is portrayed,

she’s a mother, she worries about her daughters.

“Television,” the Producer says definitively,

“Should be a reflection of real life.”

Really? I ask,

Who would watch that?

… Or, conversely, if TV does reflect “real life”,

what a *really* messed up world we live in!

Either way: how sad.


(To be continued…)








Cannes 1

The game is rigged,

we know it,

it’s constantly rubbed in our faces.


still we try, valiantly,

to carve out our own slice,

of mediocrity.


(To be continued…)








Trusiki, Dollars, Sale

They seem to think that bombarding me with consumerist, commercial gimmicks, “must haves” and “right nows” will increase their relevance; make me relent, to “buy” their thinking and ways.

They are wrong.

Every day I am more and more detached,


… Walk away.


(To be continued…)








Чёрная Пятница

They put you on the spot,

saying this offer is too good to miss,

it’s now or never, customer!

Buy, or die,

they imply.

Tempting, encouraging, “exhorting”.

They manipulate and extort.

Black Friday,

saturation and lies.


(To be continued…)