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People, place, circumstance,

complicate, violate,

call for compromise.

… Fermented, fomented …

Excuse me, I need out!

Like wind escaping.


(To be continued…)







Feeling alone and vulnerable,

yet surrounded by neighbors;

they speak in passing,

but it’s obvious they don’t care,

don’t want to get involved,

no, they have their own issues,

compulsions and joys.

It’s not pride that stops the ninety-year-old woman asking for help,

it’s awareness of the futility.

Alone, yet surrounded, she struggles onwards.

Tonight: sardines, sauerkraut and beans,

as, disgusted, she turns off the TV news,

media and populace, as always, prioritize young families:


done to death.


(To be continued…)







Bulldog, WW2, 1941, GB Navy

He proudly told me how much he paid for his pedigree mutt,

as the cur sank its teeth into my ankle,

a slave demonstrating loyalty.


(To be continued…)








Ch 7, USA

The “experts” are perpetually lauded,

as they predict and project,

day after day,

habitually incorrect

(leading us to destruction).

You and I, we make one or two mistakes,

and, definitively,

we are “condemned”,

societally screwed.


(To be continued…)








Guadeloupe-Ara (Macaw), 1765

Innocent beauty,

overtaken by grotesque.

Sick world we have made.


(To be continued…)








Die Unehelichen 2

So I fall behind “normality”.

It’s OK, I’ll crawl back,

a modicum of mediocrity

is all I need to muster

(if I can stomach it).


(To be continued…)








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

Alas, the relentless drive of capitalism.

Exploitation, manipulation, wasteful decadence;

for your entertainment,

and debasement.


(To be continued…)








Prison_ Chain Gang

It was nice being comrades,

but you got bored, wanted to move on,

to be precise, go back to what you used to be.

As a mother who spends “too much time” with her children, discovers that she despises them, so go you, and the majority … (apparently it’s normal today, to be a fucked-up family!)

… Sad state, this depraved, regressive progress …

But, it’s OK, I’m content to be alone, somewhat free.

Happy Birthday, me!


(To be continued…)








Clanging Cymbals

Today’s  accepted wisdom

seems to me so astoundingly stupid,

destructive, self-centered, brash,

as loud clanging cymbals, distracting,

hollow, shallow, contradictory, confusing,

and surely beyond expiry date.

(Deep breath)

… Hopefully we are alive tomorrow,

to laugh at today, wryly,

meditatively communing,

in peace.


(To be continued…)








Washington, 1772 (1)

Washington winces,

looking at state of nation,

heroically made.


(To be continued…)