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Pied Piper

So, “back to normal”,

or forward to something worse?

Leadership gambles…


(To be continued…)








Tablet Broken

The machine is as perfidious as the humans who created it.

It lures you in. It is reliable and very helpful.

It sucks you in to become dependent upon it.

You invest in it. You connect with it,

personalizing and perfecting.

And then it terminally fails.


(To be continued…)








Thatcher Sells Council Houses 3MMM (Ponzi Scam) (Capitalism)

Screw you and your “empowerment” initiative,

screw your deceptive lies

(your fundraising drive) …

It’s dragging me under into a new level of debt and slavery.

I worry constantly.


(To be continued…)








Kafka's Drawings

During the trial, they accused me of being anti-social.

“Anti-social? No!”, rattling the shackles, I declared in my defense.

“I’m anti-idiocy, anti-banality, anti-malicious exploitation.

I despise your castles, loathe your small-talk, detest your cupcakes.

I’m tired of being misrepresented and persecuted:

it is the system, society as it currently manifests, not I, that is debauched and crazy.

If I’m charged with not following your rules, then I embrace your logic, apply it to this case, and declare the trial to be irrelevant and invalid.

The system is unsustainable, it can not last. My thoughts and words will.”


(To be continued…)








Screens, Snow, Flashing

Flashing lights irritate,


What are they trying to incite?

Another phase of migraine.


(To be continued…)








1923. Weimar_ Burning Money For Heat

This proud thing we’ve built,

this house of cards,


always on brink of next disaster.


(To be continued…)








Polski Rabochiye_ Kolbasy, Chicago, 1905

The bosses, or their minions, are lurking,

always lurking,

watching, waiting

for your mistake.

They have ascended the ladder sufficiently,

to be immune to decency, morality,

and they will not bear any excuse,

as they turn the screws,

demanding more and more


draining your blood,

turning dreams to screams,

watching, waiting,

and, ultimately,

using every part of your fallen carcass

for sausages.


(To be continued…)








Żyd wieczny tułacz

The decadence of everyday existence.

Horrors of war and banality.

Every day tragedy

(to which we are consigned) …








B52, Cambodia



matters of state neuroses,

lust, projection,

pissing competitions,


Aggression, progression, regression,

global Gordian fate.








Alexis I's bride-show by G.Sedov (1882)

Kundera got it wrong! (though he is a beautiful writer)

Try: the Unbearable Heaviness of Meaningless…

Futility in society,

manifest existence.