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Stalingrad, Wasted (Nazis)

The Nazi groaned, pained:

Eukodal and Pervitin,

made life worth living.










In vino veritas,

in wealth decadence.

New York City,


goodbye peaceful drink.








Family Watches TV (Classic, Canada, Boxing)

Something to say?

Of course!

But who’s listening, reading, caring or,

most importantly,


about the words.

Your heart and soul poured out

as you to try to explain,

only to be drowned out

by TV noise.




Nazi Mercedes

As the Sun rises and sets,

the Moon shines,

inspiring (when clouds consent).

Birds sing

and people do “their thing”.

Every day, increasing,

I lament

humanity’s bent.








Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.








“I hope she’s worth it,” I say to my brother,

though I already know the answer

is no.


meaningless talk,

stress, pretence,

moral bankruptcy,

wage slavery,


What men will do to get fucked.




Royals at play.

Grainy film footage,

kings, queens, princes,

splashing and frolicking,

the audience oohs and aahs,

how wonderful and delightful,

they say,

to see the rulers at play,

at ease and human,

beautiful princesses.

I bristle,


thinking of the underclass

contemporaneously exploited, bled dry,

no time or energy leftover

for frivolity,

for life.

Pain and injustice,

the masses suck it up.

Disgusted, I shout: “Let’s lynch the royal scum!”

Inside and outside, I cry.




9.16 Malevich_ Black Square, 1913


A veneer of authority

gives the functionary

pretensions of grandeur.

Power through paperwork.


won’t accept an inducement,

though they are certainly corrupt,


just likes making your life difficult.

Your discomfort, gives them pleasure.

Oh, *get off*, what measure!

Complication, intrusion, mindgames, humiliation,

all in a day’s work

for the contemptible clerk.




The government taxes you,

to provide

and to protect you…

With and from what? (I ask)

… Sinkholes, potholes,

a trail of breadcrumbs through the forest …

Indeed, the system taxes

and exploits you for itself!

*They* create and perpetuate

shit and spectres,

fear and loathing

the lubricant of their machine.

The authorities are parasitic,

the populace delusional

and busy exploiting their

friends, neighbours

and own subjects.




I glance at the TV screen (thankfully on mute),

it tells me

that one quite good Tennis player who has earned $16,000,000

is playing another quite good player who has earned $14,000,000

… Obscene, unimaginable figures for normal people.

… I turn the TV off.


I remember, vaguely from childhood,

when stats like height, weight

and whether a player used a single

or double-handed backhand

were relevant.

Time passes,

shit amasses,

and money is the lubricant of all.