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Flower Blows, Hope_

So, pretend it’s my Birthday,

and you want me to be happy.

Can we also pretend that everything is OK?

That we’re living in harmony.

That things are the way they should be.

That machines work and people have heart,


truly caring about (*every*) each other.

… Peaceful bliss!

Can we imagine, hope, believe,

the seemingly impossible?


(To be continued…)








Zeppelin_ Pochta SSSR, 1991, Albatros

Apocalypse nigh,

they sneer at the man-child,

just as yesterday, and the day before.

They, who represent normal; they, who always seem to have time to stand around and talk, repetitive, banal babble.

I feel for him, the guy, I can tell his mind is on higher things, he’s doing what he can to survive in this fucked-up world. I feel a connection, even though I don’t know him. I want to reach out, but he’s inured, he stays within himself, focused, he doesn’t meet my gaze. We pass like zeppelins, out of time and place.

Gone, like tomorrow’s gherkins.

Meanwhile, again, the establishment chatters, bemused, selfish, scornful, only their clique matters.


(To be continued…)








Wm in Ruins, Berlin, 1945_ Yevgeny Khaldei

I watch the downfall, and I cry …


when surely I should rejoice

at the demise

of the one who made themselves my mortal enemy,

but in their hollow eyes, I see myself.


(To be continued…)








“All the time in the world…”

Come and gone.

Flag unfurled.

Devushk son…




So late,

so early,

eternal circle,

time imposed upon,


rhythm unknown.

(We grope in darkness…)




When your time of contemplation

becomes a thing of expectation…


and despair,

you’re no longer “there”.




The child’s face showed she didn’t approve.

It wasn’t sweet, true,

but I liked it.

Perhaps my taste was moderated,

I reasoned,

by an adult’s appreciation of cost, convenience and health.

Indeed, adult considerations.

As I reflected upon such realities

the juice tasted better

and better,

beyond banalities.

Such is life.

Get used to it, kid!




Is the past ever


completely past?





we were young and hopeful,

with ideas of freedom

and possibilities,

in reality,

we were naïve and stupid.

We went to the show,

the music and vibe was powerful,

we liked AC/DC

before we understood the words,

later, we realized,

idiocy we heard.

Someone waved an Australian flag,

made in the USSR.

Lies, broken promises,

bitter-sweet lost dreams.


stasis as the best option.

Hope sleeps.