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Happy Independence Day!

Six nights ago, and always…

M16s like candy,

agree or die.

El Presidente is our resident

patriotic rodent

(your oppressor,

our puppet dictator),

obedient to the true ruling classes,

backroom guys,

money gods,

sacred capitalist dogma.

Welcome, motherfuckers, to the land of the free,

coming to your country,

opening a factory,

giving you jobs,


putting you to work,


Put down your AK-47s, too easy to use,

too enabling,

and listen to us

we’ll complicate your lives,

make things interesting,

give you everything you didn’t know you needed,





Drink the kool-aid child and dream,

of freedom,

to buy hollow commodities,

with cocaine-laced dollars,

hell, yeah,

those bastards keep the economy going,

you in the gutter,

*our* dreams, riches and power intact.

Happy Interdependence Day, in deed and fact.




Sick joke.

After the deluge, flood,

gut-wrenching damage,

heart-broken people,

sunshine has the temerity to break through,


I grimace in the glare.

What solace?

Perverted grace.


… Mockery and farce.




Senseless violence, you say, as you shake your head,


Problem is, it’s not senseless.

For the perpetrator the carnage has a reason.

For the victim, the crime is anything but devoid of sense:

it assaults every sensory preceptor in their body,

chews them up, and spits them out.


Immoral and illogical,

but not senseless.




Casanova and Byron,

bastards both, apparently.

Literally and figuratively.

A TV documentary informed.


A repulsive word,

somehow back in fashion,




like cunt,

and a virgin


for the fifteenth time.




Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,

went fishing,


zero sum.

Sikorskys overhead,

deer flea.


Everything is atomic warfare.




“Dear Colleague, have you considered our proposal and the implications of the dossier anymore? Any conclusions?” he asked.

I looked into his eyes,

vapid pools

of bullshit.

“The future is as fucked as today,” I replied.

“We’re screwed, and all too soon another unwanted baby will be born.”





and despite my improved mood,

my prayer wasn’t answered immediately.

Rather, a pair of satan’s minions paid me a visit.

They came to my cell and gave me two options,

equally loathsome.

How could I reply?

Ah, yes,

I see…


You learn pretty quickly

(with a gun to your head).




Une monde sans pitié,

l’univers de la désenchantée.




Ideologies and philosophies,

much like preachers on TV,

they all have their shortcomings.

All that is human is subject to corruption,

avarice and pride,

as we pretend to comprehend the Divine,

the paragons we favor, decide upon, preside,

as we discriminate against another,

every day, we blaspheme.

One way or another,

we *all* blaspheme.


They speak.

You listen.

They tell you the facts, apparently.

You believe them.


Another moment.


You find yourself alone on a walking trail.

Memories of news, shit, views, flood through your mind.

You wonder why the world seems so screwed up.


there’s a certain kind of clarity,

in times of peace.

And you wonder why the fuck

people in war zones have babies.

And, later, you’re trying to watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine,

and you’re disturbed

by the TV adverts that beseech you to give money,

to save the fucking children

from the hellhole.