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Ideologies and philosophies,

much like preachers on TV,

they all have their shortcomings.

All that is human is subject to corruption,

avarice and pride,

as we pretend to comprehend the Divine,

the paragons we favor, decide upon, preside,

as we discriminate against another,

every day, we blaspheme.

One way or another,

we *all* blaspheme.


They speak.

You listen.

They tell you the facts, apparently.

You believe them.


Another moment.


You find yourself alone on a walking trail.

Memories of news, shit, views, flood through your mind.

You wonder why the world seems so screwed up.


there’s a certain kind of clarity,

in times of peace.

And you wonder why the fuck

people in war zones have babies.

And, later, you’re trying to watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine,

and you’re disturbed

by the TV adverts that beseech you to give money,

to save the fucking children

from the hellhole.


Someone told me that the news man makes $28million each year. Wow!

True, he seems to work hard, presenting the news, gracing our TV screens, informing the masses, looking and sounding good, intoning correctly, solemn and/or smiling when appropriate,

barely pausing for a breath,

everybody’s apparent friend.

But, wow!

However likeable he may seem, what are the implications?

News is free and unbiased?


Life, I turn one way.

And then I turn another.

Sigh, I prefer sleep.


Pretty good,



How are you?

Ask me again tomorrow.



I’m at home in the world,

it’s all I’ve known,

after all,

and I feel like I’ve been alive for ever

(it’s as long as I can remember).

But, increasingly,

I’m feeling out of place,

out of my depth,

in society.

Fundamental disconnect.

Your common sense and values,

your priorities,

no longer

equate with the logic in my head,

incompatibilities rising,

and I feel an imperative to escape.

Past, present, future…

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