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When everything disappears

and sleep is your only friend,

you wonder if any of it ever really existed…

Was your past any more real than tonight’s dreams?




In the banality

lies hidden

a certain kind of morality.

You hope.

An honor code.

But, betrayed so much,

you are tired of giving people

the benefit of the doubt.

… What hope?




I’ve had it with futility.

I despair,


in a quagmire of unfair,




People who do bad

and get good.


Unspoken social contract,

rule number one:

Society rewards scum.




Stopping the rot,

like the longest journey,

starts with a single step.


but does it ever end?




Yesterday’s revolution.

Today’s memory.

Tomorrow’s disappointment.

Counteractive forces

play their part.

(Alas, they tear out my heart!)

And we are back

at square one.

… Some say

there is nothing new under the Sun.

Revolution indeed.




I woke up this morning

and it wasn’t yesterday,


instant headache.




In theory: yes.

In practice: It depends on others.

In reality: I don’t know.

… Ipso facto,

we will see …




The villagers were happy,

today was a respite

after last night’s storm.

A chance to repair

the damage and destruction

wrought by the howling winds.

What fortune (!),

today the Sun even shines,

indeed moods rise,

as they prepare to batten down the hatches

for, tomorrow or the next day,

another storm cometh.

Commendable, stupid people,

they are functional.

… I am but a philosopher,

a futility phobic,

screaming myself to sleep:

“Let me off this fucking boat!”




Revisionist history:

different emphasize,

sometimes lies.

Like, the smug guy,

who talks of Lenin’s Siberian slave girl,

kept in a cage

beneath the stairs.



of despair!

Alas, Pasha,

I knew you.

Public misled


blatant lies.

But it’s on TV and he’s ‘an expert’,

so it becomes true.

Perverted mystery,

bias and blasphemy,

revisionist history.




Futility on a stick,

futility on a plate,

futility epitomized,

futility in my life

(utter grief!)

… tomorrow suicide.

Refuge sleep,

I can imagine

hope in decimation,