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In Alaskan space I cry:

O Fortuna!

(How beautiful you can be…)


In society’s crush

I crash:

O Futility!




I wait for a smile,

some hope.

… I get nothing

but hurt.




Что за херня, господа?

Creeping, encompassing


Your hegemony cloaked in alleged legitimacy…

… seeks and seeps to destroy.

(And, we lament, so tired of being the eternal

misunderstood target)

(Lest you forget

the others

are philosophers)




Yes, the pictures you show are grotesque

and sobering…

Alas, though,

I was in Leningrad, Dresden and Tokyo

and I can’t say that Nagasaki and Hiroshima

suffered any more (or less).

War is war.

Death is death.

Misery is misery.

Burning, peeling, rotting human flesh is…

(you get the picture).

You can’t compare these things.

But you can oversimplify geopolitics

and complicated concepts.

And you can pretend that by banning “The Bomb”

human suffering will end.

Alas …

… Like landmines and schools,

you maim, destroy and breed,





Red Terror,

White Terror,

Day Terror,

Night Terror.

Every day terror,


every waking and sleeping moment,


when people are around.




“All the time in the world…”

Come and gone.

Flag unfurled.

Devushk son…





no, it doesn’t rank highly

in the annals of catastrophe,

as recorded and studied by humanity,

morbid posterity.

… Few people know

and most have forgotten.

But to you it is everything

… it shaped your very being.

357 fatalities,



Good night and sweet dreams,

beautiful child.




… Like when,

young and up too late,

you fall asleep in front of the TV set,

and subconsciously imbibe,


all of the nastiness

in the worst possible way.


you awake.

… Tomorrow’s hope disintegrates.




Full of shit to overflowing,

just like everybody else.

But the voices and faces

“we” elevate,

are gifted obscene riches,

for their words,

to the herd,

and influential ways.

Alas, strange days.

People and morals perverted.




These things you do,

great effort and toil,

all a farce,


considering tomorrow

you will lie

under grass.