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I cast a glance,


and wonder what hope

the future?

(Given the assholes who surround me!)

So, I pray

and believe,

for sanity,

in better.

By faith and philosophy,

my reality exceeds

their vision.







When everything disappears

and sleep is your only friend,

you wonder if any of it ever really existed…

Was your past any more real than tonight’s dreams?




Stopping the rot,

like the longest journey,

starts with a single step.


but does it ever end?




A broken clock is right twice a day,

sad cliché, perhaps,

but true.

In the upheaval,

a clock was shot.

Time stopped…

Revolution continues!




Screw you and your time imperatives!

I don’t wear a watch…

It takes as long as it takes…

The Sun rises & sets,

now will always be now,

in retrospect,

and tomorrow is Revolution!




Is tomorrow the end of yesterday’s hopes and dreams,

or is tomorrow the end of pain and fear?

Someone’s life or death,

something in between.




UFOs over New York,


and in Voronezh…

Whether you hear John Lennon

or Nikolai Noskov in your head…

It is always a good idea

to heed Orthodox advice:

the Sign of the Cross

and an ardent Jesus Prayer.

… Hold your breath,

cease panic and fear.

The MVD will send troops


they reappear.




She asked me what I had been doing.

Reading and learning, I replied.


I scanned my mind, trying to pin down the essential pieces of knowledge,

the wisdom,

obscured by the clutter of information,

open to interpretation.


That the truth is buried somewhere within the lies.”




You see what you wanna see,

yes, I agree,

when I hear what I wanna hear.

(Let me be!)




“Oh my god!

I’m speechless!”

she exclaimed,

something about shampoo.

… Speechless?

Seems not, alas,

but we can hope and wish.

… World peace.